PCB Assembly | PCB Assembling | PCB Assembly Services | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Distributors OEM-bestpcbassembly.com PCB Assembly manufacturer and PCB Assembling supplier also Wholesale Distributors OEM-over 5322 ,PCB Assembly Services,PCB Assembly Process,Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services buyers around the world at bestpcbassembly.com http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/ Sat, 21 Jul 2018 00:53:07 -0600 Printed Circuit Board Assembly Process <img src='productpic/ps_x2qo1500013997.jpg' /><br>We provide PCB (printed circuit board) assembly service for your requirement.&nbsp; Our service can cover most of the standard in multiple industrials, including Networking Communication, Industrial Control, Commercial Application, Consumer Products, Automotive Accessory, Medical Equipment and more.&nbsp; Our mission is providing a great quality product with high production and cost efficiency. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/printed-circuit-board-assembly-process.html Printed Circuit Board Assembly Process http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_x2qo1500013997.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/printed-circuit-board-assembly-process.html PCB Assembly Standards <img src='productpic/ps_gh661500014054.jpg' /><br>We focus on providing the products with high field reliability to our customer.&nbsp; Because of our statement for this, we win the trust from many famous customers in this field and we deliver the best quality products to them from the beginning till now. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-assembly-standards.html PCB Assembly Standards http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_gh661500014054.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-assembly-standards.html Electronic PCB Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_v6y01500014549.jpg' /><br>For Networking Communication application, especially in Wireless application, PCB assembly procedure acts a very important role to reduce the noise jamming and transmission performance.&nbsp; We, Chintek, provide the best quality and the best field reliability service to help our customer to reach the best product standard. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/electronic-pcb-assembly.html Electronic PCB Assembly http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_v6y01500014549.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/electronic-pcb-assembly.html Low Volume PCB Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_txy61500014958.jpg' /><br>This fiber communication board is a great demonstration for our ability to handle the component precisely.&nbsp; The 0.3 mm pitch process capability is the outstanding standard in this industrial.&nbsp; We provide the best quality product to this customer for their cutting edge technology product. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/low-volume-pcb-assembly.html Low Volume PCB Assembly http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_txy61500014958.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/low-volume-pcb-assembly.html Surface Mount Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_tvg41500015009.jpg' /><br>SMT (surface-mounting technology) process is the most popular process for PCB assembly.&nbsp; It provides a better quality, more stable reliability and higher efficiency in production.&nbsp; Chintek keeps to invest on our facilities always, because of we believe that good equipment can provide better quality. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/surface-mount-assembly.html Surface Mount Assembly http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_tvg41500015009.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/surface-mount-assembly.html Surface Mount PCB Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_kqif1500015081.jpg' /><br>We own 3 SMT lines and our capacity of our process is 3 million pieces of R/C per day.&nbsp; Our factory facility is fully deployed the Anti-Static floor, and all process are followed by Lead-free process.&nbsp;&nbsp; We also provide the Nitrogen Process (using Nitrogen generator) to build the boards better and stable.<br /> http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/surface-mount-pcb-assembly.html Surface Mount PCB Assembly http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_kqif1500015081.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/surface-mount-pcb-assembly.html SMT PCB Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_5je41500015142.jpg' /><br>Quality starts and ends with the strengths and skills of our staff. We enable our employees to grow by encouraging them to attend educational training. Our tailored Manufacturer Execution System (MES, also known as shop floor) further aids us in an objective way to provide unambiguous record of the work process to ensure quality at each step. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/smt-pcb-assembly.html SMT PCB Assembly http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_5je41500015142.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/smt-pcb-assembly.html PCB SMT Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_8jbk1500015193.jpg' /><br>All products undergo by the Auto Optical Inspection (AOI), which the error can be inspected by machine immediately and precisely.&nbsp; After AOI, we set QC team to identify the error that which cannot be sensed by machine because of the position on the board, we set up so many steps to pursue the best quality and it does deliver the best performance of quality. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-smt-assembly.html PCB SMT Assembly http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_8jbk1500015193.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-smt-assembly.html Through Hole Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_4ai51500273624.jpg' /><br>The through hole technology, also known as thru-hole or DIP, is the technology to use of leads on the components that are inserted into holes drilled in printed circuit boards and soldered to pads on the opposite side either by manual assembly (hand placement) or by the use of automated insertion mount machines. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/through-hole-assembly.html Through Hole Assembly http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_4ai51500273624.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/through-hole-assembly.html Through Hole Component <img src='productpic/ps_mfib1500015359.jpg' /><br>For those customers design using Through Hole technology components, our mission statement is providing a high productivity and high quality team to deliver our customers the products within robustness and the best performance in field reliability. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/through-hole-component.html Through Hole Component http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_mfib1500015359.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/through-hole-component.html PCB Through Hole Plating <img src='productpic/ps_pu0l1500015498.jpg' /><br>Why Choose CHINTEK?&nbsp; Because we deliver:<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technology<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;ICT (In Circuit Test), FCT (Functional Circuit Test) technology<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;PCB Assembly With UL,CE,FCC,Rohs Approval<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;High Standard SMT &amp; Solder Assembly Line<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;High density interconnected board placement technology capacity<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;OEM services provided<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Heavy copper PCB, Heavy gold PCB, Blind / Buried via PCB, High layer count PCB manufacturable<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Certificate: ISO9001-2000, ISO14001<br /> http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-through-hole-plating.html PCB Through Hole Plating http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_pu0l1500015498.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-through-hole-plating.html Soldering Through Hole Components <img src='productpic/ps_40wc1500015544.jpg' /><br>Our Facility:<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;3 SMT Lines, 3 million R/C daily.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;6 meters wave solder line.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;9 meters hand solder line.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;The capacity of through hole up to 70,000pcs components daily.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;All products undergo Auto Optical Inspection (AOI).<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;10 meters production assembly line.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Anti Static Floor. Lead-free Process. Nitrogen Process (using Nitrogen generator)<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;OEM on technical drawings or samples<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Packaging Detail: export packing http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/soldering-through-hole-components.html Soldering Through Hole Components http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_40wc1500015544.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/soldering-through-hole-components.html PCB Testing <img src='productpic/ps_g4x1500015631.jpg' /><br>Assembly Test includes AOI, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Function Test (FCT).&nbsp; A well setting testing process will help customer to reduce the risk from the SMT and Through Hole process, and it will help us to provide the best quality to our customers.&nbsp; We have a full setup assembly testing line and 100% testing to delivery the 100% guarantee commitment to our customers. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-testing.html PCB Testing http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_g4x1500015631.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-testing.html Printed Circuit Board Testing <img src='productpic/ps_ob1500015676.jpg' /><br>PCB assembly test is a term used in a variety of contexts, including semantics, design, electronics, and software programming. A prototype is designed to test and try a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users.<br /> Why choose us?<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;We can do PCB Fabrication, Component Assembly, Wire Harness Assembly, Box Assembly, Component Forming and Electrical Testing.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;We make products by strict engineer processes.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;We have strict inspection processes.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;We send products by antistatic package and carton box. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/printed-circuit-board-testing.html Printed Circuit Board Testing http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_ob1500015676.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/printed-circuit-board-testing.html PCB Testing Equipment <img src='productpic/ps_8on71500015740.jpg' /><br>We provide the thermal shock chamber for your product reliability testing.&nbsp; It is the equipment that can raise or down the temperature from 135 degree C to -35 degree C in few hours.&nbsp; It is suitable for the extreme environment condition if your product will be in. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-testing-equipment.html PCB Testing Equipment http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_8on71500015740.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-testing-equipment.html PCB Board Testing <img src='productpic/ps_dnav1500015811.jpg' /><br>We also can help our customers to run the burn-in testing if our customer need this service.&nbsp; The burn-in testing will be 50 degree C for 24 hours (max) and it will be the simulation for the critical environment situation.&nbsp; We are specialized in this field over 20 years, we have belief in that our high quality product will help you to win the market and help you create more profits.<br /> http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-board-testing.html PCB Board Testing http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_dnav1500015811.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-board-testing.html PCB Assembly Prototype <img src='productpic/ps_0q51500015857.jpg' /><br>For any PCB Prototypes, Fabrication and Production requirement, we always welcome.<br /> Our manufacturing is very flexible, and can meet needs as varied as small volume 2-layer prototypes, up to huge volume 20-layer mass productions. We provide you the PCB product with high quality you can trust. We offer 100% quality warrantee, shipping lead-time guarantee and lower price guarantee for all over the world. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-assembly-prototype.html PCB Assembly Prototype http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_0q51500015857.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-assembly-prototype.html Prototype Printed Circuit Board Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_1rtl1500015935.jpg' /><br>Our value for you:<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Create the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Evaluate and Debug the Prototype<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Program the Microcontroller<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Appearance and Ergonomics<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;OEM is ok<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Competitive price <br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;High-quality <br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Competitive price with good after –sale service<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Our company has professional production line, the goods are produced by strictly supervision and inspection, the quality is absolutely assured<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;For more information, please contact us!<br /> <br /> http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/prototype-printed-circuit-board-assembly.html Prototype Printed Circuit Board Assembly http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_1rtl1500015935.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/prototype-printed-circuit-board-assembly.html PCB Prototype Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_kxm61500016095.jpg' /><br>Your benefit from us:<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;High standard type with high quality.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Prompt delivery: High efficiency production, fast delivery speed.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Best Service: worry-free purchase, Best and Professional Service are proposed.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;We have been introduced the implementation of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) system, which allow us to trace any board or product we made via product resume, including the information on production time, production line, personnel in charge, process conditions, and even the lot number and specifications. You will be assured that all your products will go through consistent process and quality control before marketing thus to ensure your rights, profits, and goodwill. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-prototype-assembly.html PCB Prototype Assembly http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_kxm61500016095.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-prototype-assembly.html Printed Circuit Board Prototype <img src='productpic/ps_aitk1500016134.jpg' /><br>Our statement to you:<br /> 1. Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hours.<br /> 2. Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your enquires influent English.<br /> 3. OEM is welcomed, OEM brand is available.<br /> 4. Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.<br /> Chin-Tek Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) is a term used for PCB, PCBA, TEST, Assembly,&nbsp; Distribute, and Provide RMA services for electronic components and assemblies for its customer-brand company and original equipment manufactures (OEMs) http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/printed-circuit-board-prototype.html Printed Circuit Board Prototype http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_aitk1500016134.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/printed-circuit-board-prototype.html Custom PCB Board <img src='productpic/ps_xkyo1500016196.jpg' /><br>We have many experienced worker and engineers, we are strictly controlling the product quality, and we hope can help you manufacture PCB &amp; PCBA with best quality and price. We have no MOQ requirement from you, and we customize different PCB according to different requirement from you.<br /> As a professional manufacturer, our price is competitive and reasonable<br /> Our one-stop supply solution benefits our customers to Reduce the number of suppliers and Simplify the supply chain. To the mass production product, with a dedication to excellence in highest production capability and service that you will always expect http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/custom-pcb-board.html Custom PCB Board http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_xkyo1500016196.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/custom-pcb-board.html Electronic Assembly Services <img src='productpic/ps_41r51500016247.jpg' /><br>We commit to provide you the best service, superior quality and competitive price and we pursue the outstanding professional technique to develop exclusive products.&nbsp; Professional personnel with extensive experience to help your manufacturing process to prevent from any possible problems before occurring.<br /> Our support team will help minimize your time to market with efficient layout and prototype production http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/electronic-assembly-services.html Electronic Assembly Services http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_41r51500016247.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/electronic-assembly-services.html Assembly Work <img src='productpic/ps_0b7o1500016320.jpg' /><br>What we can do for you?<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;EMS-Electronic Manufacturing Service<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;PCB Supply and Layout<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;PCB Assembly on SMT, BGA and DIP<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Cost Effective Components Sourcing<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Fast Turn Prototype and Mass Production<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Box Build Assembly<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Engineering Support<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Tests(X-ray, 3D Paste Thickness, ICT, AOI and Functional tests)<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Logistics and After-sales Service<br /> Best Quality control is always the key element of success for us. We maintain customer confidence and quality satisfaction for our products that leaves our factory is in optimum form http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/assembly-work.html Assembly Work http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_0b7o1500016320.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/assembly-work.html PCB Making Procedure <img src='productpic/ps_9mhl1500016324.jpg' /><br>As a result, we are in a very good position in supplying not just PCB, but also assembly the whole product for you.&nbsp; Instead of sourcing separate producer for PCB and assembly, it is better to choose a manufacturer that can do both things.&nbsp; We always do our best price, best quality and best service in PCB and PCBA for you with well and high quality control. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-making-procedure.html PCB Making Procedure http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_9mhl1500016324.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-making-procedure.html Assembly Line <img src='productpic/ps_7tc01500273669.jpg' /><br>“Quality, Efficiency, and Service” have always been our motto since we founded. We continuously improve the process quality, develop new technologies for higher efficiency, and provide service to meet the requirements of our valuable customers.<br /> <br /> We elaborate our employee’s managerial ideas and skills by encouraging them to attend educational training. Besides the ISO9001, ISO14001 and China 3C (Factory No. A065360) certification, we are now undergoing TS16949 consultation for further reliability and quality service. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/assembly-line.html Assembly Line http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_7tc01500273669.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/assembly-line.html The Assembly Line <img src='productpic/ps_wchr1500016458.jpg' /><br>Besides leading the industry in introducing the lead-free processes, we are now promoting Halogen-free parts and related processes. Our Eco-friendly production will significantly cut down production costs for you while maintaining on-time delivery.<br /> <br /> We provide services including engineering data check, part number assignment, Approval Sheet preparation, PCB procurement, electronic part procurement, warehousing along with processing and manufacturing. What you have to do is preparing the digital files for the products and leave the purchasing and production to us. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/the-assembly-line.html The Assembly Line http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_wchr1500016458.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/the-assembly-line.html Assembly Process <img src='productpic/ps_h7nl1500016492.jpg' /><br>Reliable delivery, efficient logistic systems and high customer satisfaction.&nbsp; Good and high quality control of delivery in time.&nbsp; We provide you a competitive price, and in the meantime, here is the small order acceptable.&nbsp; Wish a good quality, on time delivery and perfect service should be the reason you choose us as a PCB &amp; PCBA supplier in China.<br /> If you are interested in any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/assembly-process.html Assembly Process http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_h7nl1500016492.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/assembly-process.html Manual Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_7lrl1500016531.jpg' /><br>Our Services:<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Small MOQ.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Quick quotation.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Small and bulk valume orders accept.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Flexible payment terms.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Fast delivery time.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Variety of shipping ways.<br /> •&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Perfect after-sales service.<br /> Our quality management system conforms to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards.<br /> We have produced many electronic products for OEM clients. Customer service is our highest priority and we strive to earn trust and confidence from our clients. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/manual-assembly.html Manual Assembly http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_7lrl1500016531.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/manual-assembly.html Functionality Testing <img src='productpic/ps_dt4q1500016640.jpg' /><br>Functional testing and enclosure assembly.<br /> Full Range of Testing Services: Visual and AOI Inspection, In Circuit Testing, X-Ray for BGA and Functional Testing. To produce fully conforming products, we perform specific inspection work in accordance with test requirements defined by our clients. A hundred percent inspection is carried out during production for early detection of irregularities and non-conformity.&nbsp; We also implement strict quality control measures to ensure optimal quality and provide true quality assurance to our clients. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/functionality-testing.html Functionality Testing http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_dt4q1500016640.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/functionality-testing.html Manual Functional Testing <img src='productpic/ps_hlv61500016704.jpg' /><br>We provide the high standard functional testing for all of our SMT&amp;DIP Assembly line.&nbsp; The professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technology will help customer to have the best foundation of product, and the AOI test, the 4 times 100% QC testing, the FCT (functional circuit test) testing before Shipping will help customer to get the best quality and reliability. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/manual-functional-testing.html Manual Functional Testing http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_hlv61500016704.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/manual-functional-testing.html Unit Testing <img src='productpic/ps_6aot1500016751.jpg' /><br>To continually improve our quality management system, we set a quality policy and objectives, perform internal and external inspection, solicit customer feedback and monitor production processes and product quality. We also constantly make efforts to enhance quality through data analysis, correction and prevention measures, and management reviews. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/unit-testing.html Unit Testing http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_6aot1500016751.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/unit-testing.html Functional System Testing <img src='productpic/ps_kp5h1500016810.jpg' /><br>We understand that bringing a product to market in a timely and cost effective manner can mean everything in business. Our quality, experience, service and pricing combine to become your efficient and reliable electronic supplier.&nbsp; Size and specifications: according to customer's requirements.&nbsp; We can produce according to customers' samples, drawings.&nbsp; We can supply the best prices based on good quality. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/functional-system-testing.html Functional System Testing http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_kp5h1500016810.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/functional-system-testing.html PCB Assembly Outsourcing <img src='productpic/ps_lek81500016872.jpg' /><br>We also can source the components/parts for you according to your requirement for the original parts, fast delivery, the best quality and low cost.&nbsp; We work closely with all customers to ensure that the finished product matches their exact expectations.&nbsp;&nbsp; The team balances each other's talents and work towards a common goal to provide better OEM and consulting solutions.<br /> http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-assembly-outsourcing.html PCB Assembly Outsourcing http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_lek81500016872.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/pcb-assembly-outsourcing.html Outsourcing Business <img src='productpic/ps_z1171500016925.jpg' /><br>With durability and push your product standards to the next level.<br /> Our products undergo rigorous QC scrutiny by QC department. They are inspected for all faults and defects prior to packaging and delivery.&nbsp; Best Quality control is always the key element of success for us. We maintain customer confidence and quality satisfaction for our products that leaves our factory is in optimum form. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/outsourcing-business.html Outsourcing Business http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_z1171500016925.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/outsourcing-business.html Outsourcing Services <img src='productpic/ps_ugeb1500016963.jpg' /><br>Base on your special requirements, to provide our best solution to you fastest.&nbsp; While pursuing a sustainable operation, we also comply with laws and regulations, develop new technologies to satisfy requirements from our clients and produce high-quality, flawless products.&nbsp; More than 20 years experience in PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly&nbsp; ISO9001, TS16949, UL Approval and RoHS compliant. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/outsourcing-services.html Outsourcing Services http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_ugeb1500016963.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/outsourcing-services.html Outsourcing Product <img src='productpic/ps_9c121500017018.jpg' /><br>Your purchasing personnel only need to provide the required electronic files, then we will purchase the material for you (incoming inspection included) to keep the purchasing personnel from endless inquiry and delivery time follow-ups. The human resources will be saved substantially as your QC personnel do not have to waste time on performing incoming inspections or maintaining the storage time limit.&nbsp; We supply OEM service. High-quality, sincere service.&nbsp; We provide preliminary sorting/checking service for the engineering data. Your engineering personnel will no longer undergo the risk of production delay as a result of data errors observed right before the production or technology transfer as our engineering department will check the engineering data beforehand, help technology transfer, and prepare the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for you. http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/outsourcing-product.html Outsourcing Product http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/productpic/ps_9c121500017018.jpg http://www.bestpcbassembly.com/outsourcing-product.html